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  Chinas first designed to protect the river country foundation, China to protect ...More

The Grand River

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  The China Yellow River Foundation (CYRF), registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and approved by the State Council,is a nation-wide public funding foundation. This Foundation is initiated by the Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) of the Ministry of Water Resources, she is the first public funding foundation of water...More



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  Offer a love donation for the protection of the Yellow River, Yellow River Conservancy, contribute to a good wish and expressed commitment to social responsibility. Would also like to form a cooperative partnership with China Yellow River Conservancy Foundation, love and donations into a routine action.


The Yellow River originates from the Yueguzonglie Basin in the northern side of Bayankala Mountains, traverses the Loess Plateau and the Great Huang-Huai-Hai Floodplain, and flows into the Bohai Sea . The Yellow River is 5,464 kilometers long, with a total elevation drop of 4480 meters;...MORE